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2024 Journal Papers

  1. Jiale Peng, Zhibin Tian, Chao Deng, Fulong Wei, Bofeng Shang*, Xiaobing Luo*, Durable and reliable thermal management system with superior temperature uniformity for sidewall coring tool in extreme thermal environments, Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 51,102635, 2024.[pdf download]

  2. Chao Deng, Xinfeng Zhang, Jiale Peng, Xuan Yang, Bofeng Shang*, Xiaobing Luo*, In51Bi32.5Sn16.5@SiO2 microcapsules-based composite phase change materials with high thermal conductivity and heat storage density for electronics thermal management, Journal of Energy Storage, 86, 111432, 2024.[pdf download]

  3. Shouze Li, Zhou Li,Dongyan Xu, Run Hu*, Strong concentration gradient effect and weak solvation effect in thermopower enhancement in K3Fe(CN)6/ K4Fe(CN)6 aqueous electrolyte with ethanol addition,Chemical Engineering Journal,  493: 152806(2024).[pdf download]

  4. Tianfeng Liu, Zhaochen Wang, Zhan Zhu, Run Hu*, General three-dimensional thermal illusion metamaterials, Chin. Phys. B , 33, 044401 (2024).[pdf download]

  5. Jiale Peng, Wei Lan, Chao Deng, Fulong Wei, Siqi Ding, Run Hu, Bofeng Shang*, Xiaobing Luo*, An improved numerical model based on the equivalent thermal conductivity method for downhole thermal management systems, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 152, 107317, 2024.[pdf download]

  6. Fulong Wei, Wei Lan, Chao Deng, Jiale Peng, Xiaobing Luo*, A transient thermal model for forecasting the real-time temperature of downhole electronics, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 200, 108946, 2024.[pdf download]

  7. Zhan Zhu, Zhaochen Wang, Tianfeng Liu, Bin Xie, Xiaobing Luo, Wonjoon Choi, Run Hu, Arbitrary-shape transformation multiphysics cloak by topology optimization, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 222:125205, 2024.[pdf download]

  8. Zihe Chen, Shilv Yu, Cheng Yuan, Xiaobing Luo, Run Hu,  Near-normal nonreciprocal thermal radiation with a 0.3T magnetic field based on double-layer grating structure, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 222:125202, 2024.[pdf download]

  9. Jinlong Ma, Yani Chen, Wu Li, Xiaobing Luo, Predictability of thermoelectric figure of merit for the single crystal from first principles, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 221:125063, 2024.[pdf download]

2023 Journal Papers

  1. Xinfeng Zhang, Zekun Ye, Xuan Yang, Yiwen Fan, Run Hu, Bin Xie*, Xiaobing Luo*, Quantitively evaluation of fillers' alignment for targeted manufacturing of functional composite materials, Polymer Composites, pc.27804, 2023.[pdf download]

  2. Shilv Yu, Peng Zhou, Wang Xi, Zihe Chen, Yuheng Deng, Xiaobing Luo, Wangnan Li, Junichiro Shiomi, Run Hu, General deep learning framework for emissivity engineering. Light: Science & Applications,12:291, 2023.[pdf download]

  3. Zihe Chen, Shilv Yu, Cheng Yuan, Xinyou Cui, Run Hu*, Defect-mode and Fabry-Perot resonance induced multi-band nonreciprocal thermal radiation, Science China Technological Sciences, 2023.[pdf download]

  4. Zihe Chen, Shilv Yu, Cheng Yuan, Kun Hu*, Run Hu*, Ultra-efficient machine learning design of nonreciprocal thermal absorber for arbitrary directional and spectral radiation, Journal of Applied Physics, 134(20): 203101, 2023.[pdf download]

  5. Linyi Xiang, Yanhua Cheng, Xingjian Yu, Yiwen Fan, Xuan Yang, Xinfeng Zhang, Bin Xie, Xiaobing Luo*, High-performance thermal management system for high-power LEDs based on double-nozzle spray cooling, Applied Thermal Engineering, 231:121005, 2023.[pdf download]

  6. Tao Hong, Guanying Xing, Huaiyu Zuo, Song Xue, Xiaobing Luo, Increasing operational stability of journal bearing in hydraulic suspension micro-pump by herringbone grooved structure, Science China Technological Sciences, s11431-023-2437-7, 2023.[pdf download]

  7. Guanying Xing, Song Xue, Jiacheng Han, Huaiyu Zuo, Run Hu, Zhengkai Tu, Xiaobing Luo, Turbulent lubrication model for journal-axial coupled hydrodynamic bearings without grooves, Tribology International, 109:109036, 2023.[pdf download]

  8. Jiale Peng, Chao Deng, Fulong Wei, Siqi Ding, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, A hybrid thermal management system combining liquid cooling and phase change material for downhole electronics, Journal of Energy Storage, 72: 108610, 2023.[pdf download]

  9. Guoqing Sun, Jinlong Ma, Chenhan Liu, Zheng Xiang, Dongwei Xu*, Te-Huan Liu*, Xiaobing Luo, Four-phonon and normal scattering in 2D hexagonal structures, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 215: 124475, 2023.[pdf download]

  10. Zhan Zhu, Zhaochen Wang, Tianfeng Liu, Xiaobing Luo, Chengwei Qiu, Run Hu, Field-coupling topology design of general transformation multiphysics metamaterials with different functions and arbitrary shapes, Cell Reports Physical Science, 4: 101540, 2023.[pdf download]

  11. Wang Xi#, Yun-Jo Lee#, Shilv Yu, Zihe Chen1, Junichiro Shiomi, Sun-Kyung Kim*, Run Hu*, Ultrahigh-efficient material informatics inverse design of thermal metamaterials for visible-infrared-compatible camouflage, Nature Communications, 14: 4694, 2023.[pdf download]

  12. Shouze Li, Zhou Li, Dongyan Xu, Guang Feng, Run Hu*, Porosity and tortuosity: Keys for accurate modeling of porous electrodes in supercapacitors, Materials Today Physics, 36:101174, 2023.[pdf download]

  13. Jin-Woo Cho, Yun-Jo Lee, Jae-Hyun Kim, Run Hu*, Eungkyu Lee*, and Sun-Kyung Kim*, Directional Radiative Cooling via Exceptional Epsilon-Based Microcavities,ACS Nano, 17:10442–10451, 2023.[pdf download]

  14. Huaiyu Zuo, Song Xue, Tao Hong, Guanying Xing, Jiacheng Han, Jinlong Ma, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, Theoretical and experimental analysis of the centrifugal micro hydrodynamic axial-thrust bearing, Tribology International, 187:108696, 2023.[pdf download]

  15. Yaxin Xu, Guoqing Sun, Zijing Wan, Dongwei Xu*, Xiaobing Luo, Theoretical study on the thermal transport and its tunability of a-plane trilayer GaN, Physica Scripta, 98:065944, 2023.[pdf download]

  16. Bin Xie, Weixian Zhao, Xiaobing Luo*, Run Hu*, Alignment engineering in thermal materials, Materials Science & Engineering R, 154:100738, 2023.[pdf download]

  17. Bin Xie, Yida Liu, Wang Xi, Run Hu, Colored radiative cooling: progress and prospects, Materials Today Energy, 34:101302, 2023.[pdf download]

  18. Zeyu Wang, Jinlong Ma*, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo, Predicting lattice thermal conductivity of semiconductors from atomic-information-enhanced CGCNN combined with transfer learning, Applied Physics Letters, 122:152106, 2023.[pdf download]

  19. Zihe Chen, Shilv Yu, Bin Hu, Run Hu*, Multi-band and wide-angle nonreciprocal thermal radiation, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 209:124149, 2023.[pdf download]

  20. Yiting Zhao, Fan Yang, Jinlin Song, Run Hu*, Bayesian-optimized infrared grating for tailoring thermal emission to boost thermophotovoltaic performance, Journal of Applied Physics, 133:124904, 2023.[pdf download]

  21. Zijing Wan, Yilin Kang, Renwei Ou, Song Xue,Dongwei Xu*, Xiaobing Luo, Multi-step time series forecasting on the temperature of lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Energy Storage, 64: 107092, 2023.[pdf download]

  22. Weiwei Liao, Run Hu, Guanying Xing, Xiaobing Luo*, Quasi-perfect and wideband absorption with gradient non-uniform micro-slit array absorber via a hierarchical optimization method, Applied Acoustics, 203:109321, 2023.[pdf download]

  23. Jiale Peng, Yujun Wang, Siqi Ding, Chao Deng, Fulong Wei, Xiaobing Luo*,Rapid detection of the vacuum failure of logging tools based on the variation in equivalent thermal conductivity, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 188:108245, 2023.[pdf download]

  24. Jiale Peng, Wei Lan, Fulong Wei, Chao Deng, Bin Xie and Xiaobing Luo*, A numerical model coupling multiple heat transfer modes to develop a passive thermal management system for logging tool,Applied Thermal Engineering, 223:120011, 2023.[pdf download]

  25. Guoqing Sun, Yanhua Cheng, Jinlong Ma, Dongwei Xu*, Xiaobing Luo,Strain effect on the phonon transport properties of hydrogenated 2D GaN,Vacuum, 209:111808, 2023.[pdf download]

  26. Yiwen Fan, Xinfeng Zhang, Linyi Xiang, Yanhua Cheng, Xiaobing Luo*, A compact jet array impingement cooling system driven by integrated piezoelectric micropump, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 205:123905, 2023.[pdf download]

  27. Song Xue, Guanying Xing, Tao Hong, Huaiyu Zuo, Xiaobing Luo*, Numerical investigation of cavitation flow characteristics in a hydrodynamic levitated micropump with eccentric rotation, International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 15(2):2350010, 2023.[pdf download]

  28. Linyi Xiang, Xingjian Yu, Tao Hong, Xuan Yang, Bin Xie, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, Performance of spray cooling with vertical surface orientation: An experimental investigation, Applied Thermal Engineering, 219:119434, 2023.[pdf download]

  29. Weixian Zhao#, Bin Xie#, Yang Peng, Song Xue, Xiaobing Luo, Run Hu*, Cooling photoluminescent phosphors in laser-excited white lighting with three-dimensional boron nitride networks, Optics and Laser Technology, 157:108689, 2023.[pdf download]

2022 Journal Papers

  1. Jinlong Ma*, Wu Li, Xiaobing Luo, First-principles study of the drift and Hall mobilities of perovskite BaSnO3, Physical Review B, 106:045201, 2022.[pdf download]

  2. Xinfeng Zhang, Bin Xie, Shuling Zhou, Xuan Yang, Yiwen Fan, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, Radially oriented functional thermal materials prepared by flow field-driven self-assembly strategy, Nano Energy, 104:107986, 2022.[pdf download]

  3. Zhaochen Wang, Zhan Zhu, Tianfeng Liu, Run Hu*, Inverse design of thermal metamaterials with holey engineering strategy, Journal of Applied Physics, 132:145102, 2022.[pdf download]

  4. Zijing Wan, Xiaoxue Jiang, Dongwei Xu*, Xiaobing Luo, LiMn2O4 cathodes with F anion doping for superior performance of lithium-ion batteries, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2022.[pdf download]

  5. Xuan Yang, Shuling Zhou, Xinfeng Zhang, Linyi Xiang, Bin Xie*, Xiaobing Luo*, Enhancing oxygen/moisture resistance of quantum dots by short-chain, densely cross-linked silica glass network, Nanotechnology, 33:465202, 2022.[pdf download]

  6. Yanhua Cheng, Jinlong Ma, Yaxin Xu, Guoqing Sun, Xiulin Ruan*, Xiaobing Luo*, Evolution of in-plane heat transport in tellurium from 2D to 3D, Materials Today Physics, 27:100776, 2022.[pdf download]

  7. Zijing Wan, Yaxin Xu, Guoqing Sun, Dongwei Xu*, Xiaobing Luo, Conflicting Role of Inversion of the LiMn2O4 Spinel on Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity from First-Principles Calculations, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(17):7374-7382, 2022.[pdf download]

  8. Yanhua Cheng, Xiaolong Yang, Zherui Han, Wenzhuo Wu, Xiaobing Luo*, Xiulin Ruan*, Abnormal in-plane thermal conductivity anisotropy in bilayer α-phase tellurene, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 192:122908, 2022.[pdf download]

  9. Yiwen Fan, Weixian Zhao, Xinfeng Zhang, Xingjian Yu, Xiaobing Luo*, Development of a piezoelectric pump with unfixed valve, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 32:055004, 2022.[pdf download]

  10. Yida Liu#, Huaiyu Zuo#, Wang Xi, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Flexible Janus Functional Film for Adaptive Thermal Camouflage, Advanced Materials Technologies, 7(3):2100821, 2022.[pdf download]

  11. Shuling Zhou, Bin Xie, Xuan Yang, Xinfeng Zhang and Xiaobing Luo*, Superior hydrophobic silica-coated quantum dot for stable optical performance in humid environments, Nanotechnology, 33:195202, 2022.[pdf download]

  12. Yang Han, Jian Zhang, Run Hu*, Dongyan Xu*, High-thermopower polarized electrolytes enabled by methylcellulose for low-grade heat harvesting, Science Advances, 8(7), eabl5318, 2022.[pdf download]

  13. Fan Yang, Kaifeng Chen, Yiting Zhao, Sun-Kyung Kim, Xiaobing Luo, Run Hu*, Near-field thermophotonic system for power generation and electroluminescent refrigeration, Applied Physics Letters, 120:053902, 2022.[pdf download]

  14. Weixian Zhao, Zhan Zhu, Yiwen Fan, Wang Xi, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Temporally-adjustable radiative thermal diode based on metal-insulator phase change, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 185:122443, 2022.[pdf download]

  15. Weicheng Shu, Xinfeng Zhang, Xuan Yang, Xiaobing Luo*, A smart temperature-regulating garment for portable, highefficiency and comfortable cooling, Journal of Electronic Packaging, 144:031010, 2022.[pdf download]

  16. Bin Xie, Yujun Wang, Haochen Liu, Jinlong Ma, Shuling Zhou, Xingjian Yu, Wei Lan, Kai Wang, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo*, Targeting cooling for quantum dots by 57.3◦C with air-bubbles-assembled three-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride heat dissipation networks, Chemical Engineering Journal, 427:130958, 2022.[pdf download]

2021 Journal Papers

  1. Wei Sha#, Mi Xiao#, Jinhao Zhang, Xuecheng Ren, Zhan Zhu, Yan Zhang, Guoqiang Xu, Huagen Li, Xiliang Liu, Xia Chen, Liang Gao*, ChengWei Qiu*, Run Hu*, Robustly printable freeform thermal metamaterials, Nature Communications, 12:7228, 2021.[pdf download]

  2. Guanying Xing, Weixian Zhao, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Spatiotemporal Modulation of  Thermal Emission from Thermal-Hysteresis Vanadium Dioxide for Multiplexing Thermotronics Functionalities, Chinese Physics Letters, 38(12):124401, 2021.[pdf download]

  3. Xueru Cai, Guoqing Sun,Yaxin Xu,Jinlong Ma, Dongwei Xu*, Effect of hydrogenation on thermal conductivity of 2D Gallium Nitride, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2021.[pdf download]

  4. Weixian Zhao, Zhaochen Wang, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Gel-based thermocells for low-grade heat harvesting, Europhysics Letters, 135:26001, 2021.[pdf download]

  5. Ju Liu, Xuecheng Ren, Run Hu*, Design of ultrathin thermal meta-substrate for uniform cooling, Europhysics Letters, 135:26003, 2021. [pdf download]

  6. Bin Xie, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Manipulating heat transport of photoluminescent composites in LEDs/LDs, Journal of Applied Physics, 130:070906, 2021.[pdf download]

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  7. Xuan Yang, Shuling Zhou, Bin Xie, Xingjian Yu, Xinfeng Zhang, Linyi Xiang, Kai Wang, Xiaobing Luo*, Enhancing Heat Dissipation of Quantum Dots in High-Power White LEDs by Thermally Conductive Composites Annular Fins, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 42(8):1204-1207, 2021.[pdf download]

  8. Xinfeng Zhang, Shuling Zhou, Bin Xie, Wei Lan, Yiwen Fan, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, Thermal interface materials with sufficiently vertically aligned and interconnected nickel-coated carbon fibers under high filling loads made via preset-magnetic-field method, Composites Science and Technology, 213:108922, 2021.[pdf download]

  9. Wang Xi, Yida Liu, Weixian Zhao, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Colored radiative cooling: How to balance color display and radiative cooling performance, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 170:107172, 2021.[pdf download]

  10. Zhan Zhu, Xuecheng Ren, Wei Sha, Mi Xiao, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Inverse design of rotating metadevice for adaptive thermal cloaking, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 176:121417, 2021.[pdf download]

  11. Xueru Cai, Yiming Ma, Jinlong Ma, Dongwei Xu* and Xiaobing Luo, Structure and electronic bandgap tunability of m-plane GaN multilayers, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 23:5431-5437, 2021.[pdf download]

  12. Jiawei Zhang, Shiyao Huang, Run Hu*, Adaptive radiative thermal camouflage via synchronous heat conduction, Chinese Physics Letters 38, Vol. 38(1):010502, 2021.[pdf download]

  13. Run Hu, Wang Xi, Yida Liu, Kechao Tang, Jinlin Song, Xiaobing Luo*, Junqiao Wu*, Chengwei Qiu*, Thermal camouflaging metamaterials, Materials Today, 45:120-141, 2021.[pdf download]

  14. Jinlin Song, Qiang Cheng*, Bo Zhang, Lu Lu, Xinping Zhou, Zixue Luo, Run Hu*, Many-body near-field radiative heat transfer: methods, functionalities and applications, Reports on Progress in Physics, 84:036501, 2021.[pdf download]

  15. Wang Xi, Yida Liu, Jinlin Song, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, High-throughput screening of a high-Q mid-infrared Tamm emitter by material informatics, Optics Letters, Vol. 46(4):888-891, 2021.[pdf download]

  16. Xingjian Yu, Linyi Xiang, Shuling Zhou, Naiqi Pei, Xiaobing Luo*, Effect of refractive index of packaging materials on the light extraction efficiency of COB-LEDs with millilens array, Applied Optics, Vol. 60(2):306-311, 2021.[pdf download]

  17. Yida Liu, Run Hu*, Yan Wang*, Jinlong Ma, Zhangcan Yang, Xiaobing Luo, Big-data-accelerated aperiodic Si/Ge superlattice prediction for quenching thermal conduction via pattern analysis, Energy and AI, Vol.3:100046, 2021.[pdf download]

  18. Xingjian Yu, Yu Zhang, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo*, Water droplet bouncing dynamics, Nano Energy, Vol.81:105647, 2021.[pdf download]

  19. Wei Lan, Bofeng Shang, Ruikang Wu, Xingjian Yu, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, Thermally-enhanced nanoencapsulated phase change materials for latent functionally thermal fluid, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Vol.159:106619, 2021.[pdf download]

2020 Journal Papers

  1. Weicheng Shu, Jiawen Wang, Xinfeng Zhang, Xiaobing Luo*, A statistical study to evaluate the performance of liquid cooling garments considering thermal comfort, Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol.142(4):041106, 2020.[pdf download]

  2. Shuling Zhou, Xuan Yang, Xingjian Yu, Bin Xie, Xinfeng Zhang, Wei Lan, Zhaojin Wang, Kai Wang* and Xiaobing Luo*, Quantum Dots Electrostatically Adsorbed on the Surface of SiO2 Nanoparticle-Decorated Phosphor Particles for White Light-Emitting Diodes with a Stable Optical Performance, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Vol.3:12394-12400, 2020.[pdf download]

  3. Qingjun Huang, Jinlong Ma*, Dongwei Xu, Run Hu, and Xiaobing Luo, High thermoelectric figure of merit in monolayer Tl2O from first principles, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.128: 185111, 2020.[pdf download]

  4. Run Hu, Dongyan Xu* and Xiaobing Luo*, Liquid Thermocells Enable Low-Grade Heat Harvesting, Matter, Vol.3:1400-1402, 2020.[pdf download]

  5. Wei Lan, Jiawei Zhang, Jiale Peng, Yiming Ma, Shuling Zhou, Xiaobing Luo*, Distributed thermal management system for downhole electronics at high temperature, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.180:115853, 2020.[pdf download]

  6. Naiqi Pei, Xingjian Yu*, Shuling Zhou, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, Experimental investigation on the moisture stability of QDs-LEDs with layered packaging structure, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol.32(22):1423-1426, 2020.[pdf download]

  7. Xueru Cai#, Yangyang Ren#, Menghao Wu, Dongwei Xu* and Xiaobing Luo, Strain-induced phase transition and giant piezoelectricity in monolayer tellurene, Nanoscale, Vol.12:167-172, 2020.[pdf download]

  8. Jinlong Ma, Fanchen Meng, Jian He, Yu Jia, and Wu Li*, Strain induced ultrahigh electron mobility and thermoelectric figure of merit in monolayer α-Te, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol.12:43901-43910, 2020.[pdf download]

  9. Jinlong Ma*, Fanchen Meng, Dongwei Xu, Run Hu, and Xiaobing Luo*, Electron mobility and mode analysis of scattering for β-Ga2O3 from first principles, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol.32:465704, 2020.[pdf download]

  10. Jinlong Ma*, Dongwei Xu, Run Hu, and Xiaobing Luo*, Examining two-dimensional Fröhlich model and enhancing the electron mobility of monolayer InSe by dielectric engineering, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.128: 035107, 2020.[pdf download]

  11. Jinlong Ma, Arun S. Nissmagoudar, Shudong Wang, and Wu Li*, High thermoelectric figure of merit of full-Heusler Ba2AuX (X=As, Sb, and Bi), Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters, Vol.14: 2000084, 2020.[pdf download]

  12. Xingjian Yu, Linyi Xiang, Shuling Zhou, Naiqi Pei, and Xiaobing Luo*, Realization of Microlens Array on Flat Encapsulant Layer for Enhancing Light Efficiency of COB-LEDs, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol.32(20): 1315-1318, 2020.[pdf download]

  13. Xingjian Yu, Linyi Xiang, Naiqi Pei, Shuling Zhou, and Xiaobing Luo*, A Simple Method to Realize Millilens Array on Encapsulant Layer for Enhancing Light Efficiency of COB-LEDs, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.67(9):3655-3659, 2020.[pdf download]

  14. Wei Sha, Yiting Zhao, Liang Gao, Mi Xiao* and Run Hu*, Illusion thermotics with topology optimization, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.128:045106, 2020.[pdf download]

  15. Jiawei Wu#, Run Hu#, Shaoning Zeng, Wang Xi, Shiyao Huang, Junhui Deng and Guangming Tao*, Flexible and Robust Biomaterial Microstructured Colored Textiles for Personal Thermoregulation, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol.12(16):19015-19022, 2020.[pdf download]

  16. Hongtao Zhao#, Run Hu#, Pan Li, Anzhu Gao, Xuantong Sun, Xiaohui Zhang, Xiangjun Qi, Qiang Fan, Yida Liu, Xuqing Liu, Mingwei Tian*, Guangming Tao*, Lijun Qu*, Soft bimorph actuator with real-time multiplex motion perception, Nano Energy, Vol.76:104926, 2020.[pdf download]

  17. Run Hu#, Sotaro Iwamoto#, Lei Feng, Shenghong Ju, Shiqian Hu, Masato Ohnishi, Naomi Nagai, Kazuhiko Hirakawa and Junichiro Shiomi*, Machine-Learning-Optimized Aperiodic Superlattice Minimizes Coherent Phonon Heat Conduction, Physical Review X, Vol.10:021050, 2020.[pdf download]

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  18. Shuling Zhou, Yupu Ma, Xinfeng Zhang, Wei Lan, Bin Xie, Kai Wang* and Xiaobing Luo*, White-light-emitting diodes from directional heat-conducting hexagonal boron nitride quantum dots, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Vol.3(1):814-819, 2020.[pdf download]

  19. Weicheng Shu, Yiwen Fan, Xinfeng Zhang, Jiawen Wang and Xiaobing Luo*, Thermal Sensation Modeling and Experiments for Liquid-Cooled Garments, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, Vol.10(3):418-423, 2020.[pdf download]

  20. Yida Liu, Jinlin Song, Weixian Zhao, Xuecheng Ren, Qiang Cheng, Xiaobing Luo, Nicholas Xuanlai Fang* and Run Hu*, Dynamic thermal camouflage via a liquid-crystal-based radiative metasurface, Nanophotonics, Vol.9(4):855-863, 2020.[pdf download]

  21. Pranay Chakraborty, Yida Liu, Tengfei Ma, Xixi Guo, Lei Cao, Run Hu* and Yan Wang*, Quenching Thermal Transport in Aperiodic Superlattices: A Molecular Dynamics and Machine Learning Study, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol.12(7):8795-8804, 2020.[pdf download]

  22. Run Hu*, Yida Liu, Sunmi Shin, Shiyao Huang, Xuecheng Ren, Weicheng Shu, Jingjing Cheng, Guangming Tao, Weilin Xu, Renkun Chen and Xiaobing Luo*, Emerging Materials and Strategies for Personal Thermal Management, Advanced Energy Materials, Vol.10(17):1903921, 2020.[pdf download]

  23. Run Hu#*, Jinlin Song#, Yida Liu, Wang Xi, Yiting Zhao, Xingjian Yu, Qiang Cheng, Guangming Tao*, Xiaobing Luo*, Machine learning-optimized Tamm emitter for high-performance thermophotovoltaic system with detailed balance analysis, Nano Energy, Vol.72:104687, 2020.[pdf download]

  24. Jinlin Song, Lu Lu, Bowen Li, Bo Zhang, Run Hu*, Xinping Zhou and Qiang Cheng*, Thermal routing via near-field radiative heat transfer, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.150:119346, 2020.[pdf download]

  25. Jinlin Song, Shiyao Huang, Yupu Ma, Qiang Cheng, Run Hu* and Xiaobing Luo, Radiative metasurface for thermal camouflage, illusion and messaging. Optics Express, Vol.28:875-885, 2020.[pdf download]

  26. Yupu Ma and Xiaobing Luo*, Packaging for Laser-Based White Lighting: Status and Perspectives, Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol.142(1):010801, 2020.[pdf download]

2019 Journal Papers

  1. Shiyao Huang, Jiawei Zhang, Meng Wang, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Macroscale Thermal Diode-Like Black Box with High Transient Rectificaion Ratio, ES Energy & Environment, Vol.6:51-56, 2019.[pdf download]

  2. Xiayao Peng and Run Hu*, Three-Dimensional Illusion Thermotics with Separated Thermal Illusions, ES Energy & Environment, Vol.6:39-44, 2019.[pdf download]

  3. Xingjian Yu, Naiqi Pei, Shuling Zhou, Xiaoyu Zhang, Xiaobing Luo*, Enhancing light efficiency and moisture stability of the quantum dots-light-emitting diodes by coating superhydrophobic nanosilica particles, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.66(12):5096-5201, 2019.[pdf download]

  4. Yupu Ma, Xiaobing Luo*, Enhancing opto-thermal performances of the reflective phosphor converted laser diode by stacking a sapphire substrate for double-sided phosphor cooling, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.143:118600, 2019.[pdf download]

  5. Shuling Zhou, Bin Xie, Yupu Ma, Wei Lan, Xiaobing Luo*, Effects of hexagonal boron nitrides sheets on the optothermal performances of quantum dots-converted white LEDs, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol.66(11):4778-4783, 2019.[pdf download]

  6. Ruikang Wu, Yiwen Fan, Tao Hong, Hao Zou, Run Hu, Xiaobing Luo*, An immersed jet array impingement cooling device with distributed returns for direct body liquid cooling of high power electronics, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.162:114259, 2019.[pdf download]

  7. Run Hu and Xiaobing Luo*, Two-dimensional phonon engineering triggers microscale thermal functionalities, National Science Review, Vol.6:1071-1073, 2019. [pdf download]

  8. Meng Wang, Shiyao Huang, Run Hu*, and Xiaobing Luo, Analysis of elliptical thermal cloak based on entropy generation and entransy dissipation approach, Chinese Physics B,  Vol.28(8):087804, 2019.[pdf download]

  9. Yupu Ma, Xiaobing Luo*, Two-dimensional axisymmetric opto-thermal phosphor modeling based on fluorescent radiative transfer equation, Journal of Luminescence, Vol.214:116589, 2019.[pdf download]

  10. Yupu Ma, Xiaobing Luo*, Small-divergent-angle uniform illumination with enhanced luminance of transmissive phosphor-converted white laser diode by secondary optics design, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Vol.122:14-22, 2019.[pdf download]

  11. Yida Liu, Yanhua Cheng, Run Hu*, Xiaobing Luo, Nanoscale thermal cloaking by in-situ annealing silicon membrane, Physics Letters A, Vol.383(19):2296-2301, 2019.[pdf download]

  12. Run Hu, Shiyao Huang, Meng Wang, Xiaobing Luo*, Junichiro Shiomi* and Cheng-Wei Qiu*, Encrypted Thermal Printing with Regionalization Transformation, Advanced Materials, 31, 1807849(2019).[pdf download]

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  13. Xingjian Yu, Run Hu, Xiaoyu Zhang, Bin Xie and Xiaobing Luo*, Explosive bouncing on heated silicon surfaces under low ambient pressure, Soft Matter, Vol.15:4320-4325, 2019.[pdf download]

  14. Xingjian Yu, Run Hu, Ruikang Wu, Bin Xie, Xiaoyu Zhang, Xiaobing Luo*, Cylindrical tuber encapsulant layer realization by patterned surface for chip-on-board light-emitting diodes packaging, Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol.141:031005,2019.[pdf download]

  15. Bin Xie, Haochen Liu, Xiaowei Sun, Xingjian Yu, Ruikang Wu, Xiaobing Luo*, Reduced working temperature of quantum dots-light-emitting diodes optimized by quantum dots at silica-on-chip structure, Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol.141:031001,2019.[pdf download]

  16. Ruikang Wu, Tao Hong, Qingyu Cheng, Hao Zou, Yiwen Fan, Xiaobing Luo*, Thermal modeling and comparative analysis of jet impingement liquid cooling for high power electronics, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.137:42-51,2019.[pdf download]

  17. LiliangZhou, ShiyaoHuang, MengWang, RunHu*, XiaobingLuo, While rotating while cloaking, Physics Letters A, Vol.383:759-763, 2019.[pdf download]

  18. Yupu Ma, Jie Sun, Xiaobing Luo*, Multi-wavelength phosphor model based on fluorescent radiative transfer equation considering re-absorption effect, Journal of Luminescence, Vol.209:109-115, 2019.[pdf download]

  19. Xiaoyu Zhang, Mengyu Huang, Qian Ji*, Xiaobing Luo*, Lattice Boltzmann modeling and experimental study of water droplet spreading on wedge-shaped pattern surface, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.130:857-861, 2019.[pdf download]

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2018 Journal Papers

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    Featured by Advanced Science News ( ) and HUST News & Events (

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