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Books and Chapters

  1. Xiaobing Luo, Jingjing Zhang, Bin Xie, Spectra Design and Packaging Optimization for White Light-emitting Diodes with High Luminous Efficiency and Color Performance, Science Press, Beijing, Dec. 2017

  2. Sheng Liu, Xiaobing Luo, LED Packaging for Lighting Applications-Design, Manufacturing and Testing, John Wiley & Sons, USA, 2011

  3. Xiaobing Luo, Run Hu, Chip Packaging: Encapsulation of nitride LEDs, Chapter 15, Woodhead Publishing, UK, 2014

  4. Xiaobing Luo, Run Hu, Thermal management on LED packaging and applications, Chapter 9, Annual Review of Heat Transfer: 371-414, USA, 2015

  5. Xiaobing Luo, Qi Chen, Online Testing Method and System for LED Reliability and Their Applications, Chapter 13, Solid State Lighting Reliability Part 2: 353-380, Springer, Switzerland, 2018