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Congratulations to TPL members Naiqi Pei, Xinfeng Zhang and Yiwen Fan for completing th... 2024-05-11
Congratulations to TPL members Jiaqi Sun, Zhan Zhu, Zijing Wan, Guoqing Sun,Xiaoxue Jia... 2024-05-11
The team of Prof. Junichiro Shiomi from the University of Tokyo was invited by Prof. Hu... 2024-03-14
Ph.D. candidates Yiwen Fan and Xinfeng Zhang gave oral reports at the 25th Electronic P... 2023-12-29
Prof. Xiaobing Luo and TPL members attended 2023 Chinese Congress of Heat and Mass Tran... 2023-11-18
The comprehensive performance evaluation meeting for the national key research and deve... 2023-11-10
Prof. Xiaobing Luo was awarded ASME Fellow 2023-10-20
TPL members went on an autumn outing on Oct.14,2023 2023-10-14
Congratulations to Guanying Xing and others for winning the first prize, Jiale Peng and... 2023-09-18
Prof. Xiaobing Luo gave a Party lecture to TPL members on June 28, 2023 2023-06-28
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