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Prof. Xiaobing Luo gave a Party lecture to TPL members on December 28, 2018 2018-12-28
Congratulations to Ruikang Wu, Xinfeng Zhang, Wei Lan and Yanhua Cheng on winning the T... 2018-12-28
TPL members exchanged their yearly work at Luotian city of Hubei Province on Dec.22-23,... 2018-12-28
Congratulation to Han Wu for Ten Best Paper Award in the 20th Academic Annual Meeting o... 2018-12-28
Congratulation to Bin Xie for "Triple-A graduate student pacesetter of HUST" in 2017-20... 2018-12-28
Prof. Xiaobing Luo gave an invited talk at the Workshop on Energy Transition 2018 in Pa... 2018-11-19
Congratulation to Jiawen Wang for winning the Best Poster Award at the Workshop on Ener... 2018-11-19
Congratulation to Hao Zou for Poster Paper Award in National Heat Transfer Conference h... 2018-10-16
Prof. Xiaobing Luo and TPL members attended 2018 National Congress of Heat and Mass Tra... 2018-10-16
Professor Lili Chen, Director of the Stomatology Center of Union Hospital was invited b... 2018-09-29
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